10 Ways to Find Beauty while Out and About this Summer

Life can be hectic, like really, really hectic, and yet there’s something about summertime that reminds us to take a moment and slow down for a moment of gratitude. Maybe it’s the sun shining on our face, the inviting park benches, or the longer days, but summer really allows us to tune in and be thankful for what we have around us. 

So here is our long list of ways to find beauty in the every day:

Try a new spin on your morning coffee: Do you usually gulp down your black coffee to get that caffeine rush in before your morning meeting? Wake up a little earlier next time and take a stroll to that local cafe you’ve been wanting to try but have never popped your head into. Maybe even allow yourself extra time to enjoy it on their patio instead of in a to-go cup.


Close your eyes and put your face up towards the sun (remember your SPF!): Think of your favourite place, or just enjoy this warm, quiet moment between just you and the sunshine. 

Tour a museum: Spend a socially distanced afternoon in your favourite museum, or check out a new exhibit and take in the calm of the space. You might even leave feeling a burst of creative energy. 


Be mindful during your skincare routine: Keep your skin quenched while out and about in summer weather with our Mineral Serum and Moisturizing Cream. Both beautifully lightweight, take a deep inhale and exhale before applying. Pat softly on your face, and enjoy these few seconds you have gifted yourself.  



Buy a disposable film camera: Would we enjoy a moment a little more if we couldn’t re-snap, edit or perfectly compose the image of it? Purchase a disposable film camera and spend a sunny afternoon, or several afternoons, snapping pics of summer scenes that capture your eye. Food, birds, your best outfit, and then enjoy reliving all those moments when you get your film developed. 

Find a view: Whether it’s to watch the sunrise, sunset, or just take in the time of day before you, find yourself a view that makes you giddy and set aside time to really enjoy it. 


Sit in a park with a book: Ditch the couch for just a moment and take your book with you to your local park or beach. Set up underneath some shade and stay there as long as you like. Or until you run out of reading light. 


Get your bike out of storage: No need to have a specific destination in mind, just grab that bicycle and head out. Maybe go to a neighbourhood you don’t tend to on foot and see what you find. You might stumble across your new favourite hangout. 



Smile at strangers, even beneath your mask: While it can be a little difficult to show our neighbourliness these days, smiles hit our eyes, and also make us feel better, so keep on smiling to passing strangers, even with that mask on. 


Have a good, old-fashioned picnic: Whether it’s solo, with your kids, or socially distanced with friends, splurge on your favourite snacks and head to a park or beach for a little sunshine and some good eats. 


Whether it's basking in the heat outside or enjoying the sun's warm rays indoors, summer's the perfect time to pause and appreciate the beauty in everything. Take everything in and take it slow.