22 New Things to Try in 2022

Jumpstart your year with these twenty-two things to make your life, and skin, better. 

  1. Wear SPF daily: Yes, even in the winter. Sun damage is the #1 ager, so beat it to the punch by wearing SPF every. single. day.
  2. Clean your makeup brushes: Makeup brushes are bacteria-loving houses, and not cleaning them regularly can cause our skin to break out. So make sure you’re cleaning them with gentle soap and water at least once a month. 
  3. Switch to clean skincare: Good ingredients that are good for you. Skip the fillers and stick to clean and green products. 
  4. Remove your makeup before bed: Even if you’re reaaaaaally tired, always remove your makeup. Your morning face will thank you. 
  5. Massage your face daily: Put on your moisturizer with upward strokes of your hands, lifting the skin as you go. The results? A relaxed mind and a face that ages gracefully. 
  6. Mask at least once a week: Masking, like with a glacial clay mask, helps to remove toxins, reduce oil build-up, and gives your skin a big dose of anti-ageing benefits. So mask up at least once a week. 
  7. Drink more water: It’s always a goal, but this year let’s really make it happen. Water is literally life, and will not only make you feel more energized and better rested but will also keep your skin clear. 
  8. Include neck and hands in your skincare routine: Don’t stop at your face! Take that serum and that moisturizer down your neck, chest, and rub the excess into your hands.
  9. Invest in a silk pillowcase: Regular polyester pillowcases trap bacteria, which you end up sleeping on. Ew. Allow your skin to breathe better with a silk pillowcase. Bonus if it has silver in it. 
  10. Get a monthly facial: Your skin deserves a little extra, and professional, attention. 
  11. Use a humidifier: Our skin reacts with varying temperature changes, and you’ve probably seen a noticeable difference in the winter. Put a humidifier in your room to keep your skin hydrated, even while you sleep. 
  12. Exfoliate regularly: Our skin sheds, and helping that shedding process allows newer cells and clearer skin to come through. Exfoliate with a physical or chemical exfoliator 2 to 3 times a week for best results. 
  13. Swap out your mascara every three months: Mascara brushes can bread bacteria if we don’t swap them out regularly, and who would want to risk their eyes?
  14. Give your hair a mask treatment: Nourish your hair from the scalp to the tips by applying a moisturizing hair mask one to two times a month. 
  15. Protect your hair from heat damage: Putting a hairdryer or iron to your hair every day? Protect yourself from split ends by applying a heat-protecting product before you apply the heat. 
  16. Treat your eyelashes and eyebrows: They’re hair too! Moisturize your eyebrows and eyelashes with specially-designed serums. Many can also encourage growth!
  17. Take a weekly Epsom salt bath: Take a load off. You earned it. Epsom salts help relax and repair our muscles, the perfect weekly treat.
  18. Shower after the gym: Letting sweat dry and hang out on your body all day can lead to body acne. Even just a quick rinse post-sweat will keep your skin clear. 
  19. Try out adaptogens: Whether in your skincare or in an elixir, adaptogens like Chaga Mushroom have many health benefits, including restoring skin’s elasticity. 
  20. Make an effort to try more Made-in-Canada products: Do you know where your skincare, clothing, or even food comes from? Next time you’re out shopping, try and stick to more Canadian-made products. 
  21. Think reusable: How many cotton pads do you use in one skincare routine? So how many are you throwing away? Try reusable bamboo cotton pads which are machine washable, and cut back on waste. 
  22. Try glacial oceanic clay:  Glacial Oceanic Clay helps naturally exfoliates the skin, removes contaminants and toxins, and stimulates the regeneration of damaged skin tissue. Unlike kaolin or french clay, glacial is gentle yet powerful, rich in mineral deposits, and pure and pristine.