Why NENA? The Canadian Glacial Clay Skincare Difference.

At NENA Skincare, we specialize in a clay mask and other clay skincare products made with pure and sustainably sourced Canadian Glacial Clay. For thirty years we’ve been harvesting  natural glacial clay from Northern BC for its unique mineral composition and properties that are clinically proven to help tighten pores and reduce oil on face. Unlike many other boutique natural beauty brands, we control our entire supply chain and manufacturing process, offering our customers a 100% Canadian, earth-to-skin experience.

With 30 years of targeted expertise in Canadian Glacial Clay, this is our one and only focus because it’s what we’re best at. Here are 6 simple reasons why you should consider including NENA as part of your daily natural skincare routine.

We are 100% Canadian and so is our glacial clay

Based in Richmond, British Columbia, our family-owned company has been specializing in natural clay skin care for the past 30 years. The glacial clay we sustainably harvest has been maturing off the west coast of Canada for thousands of years. Formed by the movement of glaciers, it contains more than 60 minerals unique to this part of the world.  

Glacial Oceanic Clay helps naturally exfoliates the skin, removes contaminants and toxins, and stimulates the regeneration of damaged skin tissue. Our most popular product – the NENA Clay Mask – contains 99% clay, compared to many other clay mask products which only use around 15-20% and top up with fillers. The result? A softened, toned and rejuvenated skin.

Glacial Clay HarvestWe harvest our own glacial clay off the coast of Northern British Columbia.

We harvest our own glacial clay and control the entire supply chain

In the 1980’s, we began as a natural clay manufacturing company, sourcing pristine glacial clay from Northern British Columbia for use in the natural skincare industry. From the sustainable harvest of our clay, to the formulation, production and packaging of NENA Skincare products, we control the entire supply chain and manufacturing process, offering our customers a 100% natural, earth-to-skin experience.  

We believe in natural beauty and have the verification to prove it

We believe that the foundation for beauty is having good skin, and that beauty should never be harmful to us, or our environment. That’s why we’ve taken the extra step to ensure our products are third-party verified to meet the high standards of the Environmental Working Group (EWG), Leaping Bunny (cruelty free and vegan), and are manufactured in a GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) facility.

Our glacial clay is clinically proven to benefit your skin

We had our glacial oceanic clay tested by a third-party lab in Canada, to verify the quality of our clay and these the proven findings:

  • Our clay produced a significant average reduction of 95% in skin surface sebum after application of Glacial Oceanic Clay on face.
  • Glacial Oceanic Clay has an immediate effect in reducing the appearance of pores, particularly dilated pores.
NENA Glacial SkincareNENA Skincare contains clinically proven Glacial Oceanic Clay

Our customers love our glacial clay mask

Tried, tested and true, here’s some of the things our customers on Amazon  have to say about us:

“It’s only been a couple of weeks, but I can see my complexion getting better. Currently battling acne and it has helped a bit.” 


“This is one of the best facial products I've tried in a really long time. I plan on getting the cleansing cream and moisturizer as well.” 


“My face feels great and clean. Several of my friends have tried and love it so far.” 



Our glacial clay is an affordable luxury  

Even though we have all the qualities and certifications of a luxury clay skincare brand, we’ve actively kept our product price points affordable to our customers. Why?  Because we believe that good skin should be a luxury everyone can afford. Our NENA Skincare products begin at $15.99 for our 100g cleansing cream.