NENA is Now Climate Pledge Friendly Certified

Have an Amazon order ready to go? Did you know you can add your favourite NENA skincare products to your cart? Not only is NENA available on Amazon, but in Amazon US, we’re also Climate Pledge Friendly Certified

Why Shop NENA?

At NENA, we want you to feel good about what you put on your face. That’s why all our formulas are:

  • Simple: Our formulas are made with pure Glacial Oceanic Clay, its derivatives, and natural ingredients, and our core routine is just 4 steps
  • Clean: All our products are made with high concentrations of naturally derived, vegan-friendly ingredients. No hype fillers and no toxic additives
  • Sustainable: Sustainability starts with our intertidal clay harvests and extends all the way to our eco-friendly box packaging

We like to keep things easy and streamlined in our ingredients, packaging and skincare routines. We don’t believe in following trends and are dedicated to creating products that are good for your skin and the environment. 

Through our verification with the Environmental Working Group (meaning our products have been reviewed to ensure they are free from known chemicals of concern), we have Amazon's seal of approval for meeting sustainability standards in helping preserve the natural world. 

EWG Verified


Why These Certifications Matter

With thousands of skincare products on the market, it can be seriously overwhelming to sort through which ones are safer and healthier for you and your body. To help you navigate through all the options, the Environmental Working Group, an American non-profit organization that specializes in the research and advocacy for safer consumer products, began a verification program where companies can apply for a stamp of approval. That way when you see this stamp, you know you can trust in the safety of the product. 

Amazon’s Climate Pledge Friendly certification does a similar thing, helping customers navigate through the many product options so that they can shop more sustainably. Having this certification on our product line means that we’re committed to building products and a business that prioritizes sustainability and the health of the planet. 

Stock up on that Amazon cart or shop directly on our site and feel good about what you’re including in your skincare routine.