Onto Greater Heights for Glacial Skincare

Those of you who’ve been following our brand for quite a while already know that at the heart of every NENA product, is Canadian Glacial Clay. But what you may not know is that our journey has started as far back as three decades ago. 

NENA Skincare is the house brand of Ironwood Clay, the only company fully licensed to intertidally harvest glacial clay that are found in special pockets off  the coast of British Columbia. It is only accessible for harvest at certain times of the year following very strict governmental, environmental, and First Nations community guidelines. Every precaution taken to ensure that the pristine nature of this rare site is preserved.

Our president truly believed in the power of this unique clay, which is why we take pride in creating NENA as it allows us to showcase the numerous benefits of nature’s gift to skin. Each NENA product is formulated with the highest potency of the Glacial Clay or its derivative Glacial Mineral Water. For example, the NENA Clay Mask is composed of 99% Glacial Oceanic Clay and the NENA Mineral Toner is made up of 97% Glacial Mineral Water. You get incredibly effective products powered by this pure Canadian ingredient.

The evolution of NENA

NENA was founded with the intent to share the wonders of glacial clay to the world. We started in spas and beauty salons during which time we won the American Beauty Association (ABBIES) Award for Best Salon Retail Product. We did a successful run with QVC on Home Shopping. Then bigger opportunities came for the private label side of business of our mother company, and NENA was put on the back burner. In 2018, NENA was relaunched and has since evolved to the brand you now know and love today. 

 NENA Glacial's Evolution

To  stay true to our heritage, we wanted to put the spotlight on what makes NENA truly special.

  • Follow the glacier: we've changed our social media handle from @nenaclaymask to @nenaglacial. #nenaglacial
  • From Canadian glaciers to your homes: Our journey started with Canadian glaciers, we wanted to share a piece of nature through our new retail boxes.
  • Taking from and taking care of nature: The NENA brand is thoughtfully formulated for you and your skin with over 90% naturally derived ingredients that are vegan-friendly and gluten free. We’ve extended our promise of clean beauty to our retail boxes which are made with recycled paper and printed with vegetable ink. All our packaging is recyclable.

  • Going glacial, moving forward: Canadian Glacial Clay is nature’s gift that keeps on giving. As we explore its rich benefits, we unravel so many ways to cater to your needs. Keep on the lookout as we continue to develop more products that encapsulate its many amazing benefits.

NENA Glacial Coming Soon


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