8 Environmentally Friendly Celebrities We Admire

We’re getting inspired this month for Earth Day by rounding up some of our favourite eco-friendly stars. So many Hollywood members are going green, whether through activism or business launches, and these are some of our favourites that stood out. 

Michelle Pfeiffer

The founder of Henry Rose fragrances, Michelle Pfeiffer’s collection is Environmental Working Group verified, assuring that every ingredient used in her products is verified to be safe. The company lives by a 100% ingredient transparency value, so consumers can know exactly what they’re buying. 


Stella McCartney

If you don’t know who Stella McCartney is, she’s an English fashion designer and the daughter of Sir Paul McCartney. Her luxury clothing line includes eco-friendly products such as a sustainable eyewear collection made from 50% natural and resources and a lingerie line that uses recycled metal for hardware and organic cotton for the gussets.

She also makes sure that the UK offices are running efficiently, powering them by wind energy. Abroad, they use renewable energy to power their stores and offices, and 45% of their operations are run on 100% renewable, green energy. 



Jessica Alba

Founder of The Honest Company, a subscription-based system of eco-friendly and toxic-free baby-products and household-items, Jessica Alba is working to make sustainable products cool. She defines the company as a wellness brand, making it easier for people to choose items that work and that are good for you. 


Anne Hathaway

As someone who approaches all aspects of life with an eco-conscious mind, Anne Hathaway is someone we can look up to. She’s raising a zero-waste family, incorporating things like bamboo toothbrushes, DIY moisturizers, plastic-free makeup, and more into their daily lives. She even had an all vegan menu at her wedding.

If you follow red carpet fashion, you might notice that Anne often wears vintage clothing or sustainable brands, furthering her zero-waste lifestyle. We could all use a little Anne in our life!

Hayden Panettiere

Hayden Panettiere has been active in several sustainable initiatives for some time, including campaigns to save dolphins and whales. Her efforts in disrupting the dolphin hunt in Japan actually earned her PETA’s “Compassion in Action Award.”

She’s also joined many other celebrities in the fight against fracking in the U.S. and has been speaking out in the fight for renewable energy, pushing the government to impose sanctions. 

Alicia Silverstone 

Alicia Silverstone’s sustainable living journey began by adopting a plant-based lifestyle. Like many mom celebs, she brings her values into the home and is raising her children to think green.

From purchasing second-hand clothing and household items to buying local at the farmer’s market, Alicia is even an advocate for natural ageing and is embracing her looks as they change.

Natalie Portman

The environmentally conscious vegan narrated the 2018 documentary Eating Animals, and through that, raised awareness about the brokenness and horrors of the meat industry.

Olivia Wilde

In 2019, the actress and activist Olivia Wilde launched #ChooseUsed, a capsule collection of old clothes in partnership with thredUP — an online thrift store. “If everyone in the US bought just one item used instead of new in 2019, it would save nearly 6 billion lbs of carbon emissions—the equivalent of taking over half a million cars off the road for an entire year,” says the website page. 

While the collection might now be sold out, her second-hand buying habits are not over, and she’s even teaching her kids how to be more eco-conscious. 

Eco-Minded at NENA Skincare

Just like these green celebrities who are making conscious decisions to be more eco-friendly in their everyday actions, here are some of the environmentally-friendly practises we’ve committed to as a company to ensure that our production line remains eco-friendly from start to finish. For example we source our clay locally in BC, using over 95% of this key ingredient in the same form that it’s harvested in, reducing waste and our carbon footprint. Our products are also vegan-friendly, with no animal byproducts used in the ingredients. Finally, our product packaging is made from recycled paper with vegetable ink used instead of synthetics, and we recently replaced our plastic mail packaging with biodegradable packing peanuts.

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