NENA Glacial Skincare, or just NENA for short,  is a natural skincare brand whose core is Canadian Glacial Clay and its derivatives. We believe in leaving skincare up to nature. We create our products with the purpose of showcasing the naturally rich and potent benefits of this special kind of earth that can only be found in British Columbia, Canada. And we operate with the mission of preserving this finite resource.

Simple. Clean. Sustainable.

NENA Short Supply Chain

We like keeping it simple.

From harvesting our raw materials, to research and all the way to production, we do it ourselves. This ensures that you get exactly what we want to deliver. Higher quality, no unnecessary cost, and thus, an overall amazing NENA Glacial Skincare experience for you. We also strive to keep our lines of communication simple. We are always just one email away.

NENA Glacial

We keep it clean.

We are EWG-verified. No harmful chemicals and you can only expect full transparency with our ingredients. Canadian Glacial Clay is naturally rich in over 60 minerals, so powerful that even without processing or filtering, you can feel the difference when you use freshly harvested clay. As such, we only add ingredients that can enhance this potent core, no hype ingredients and fillers.


We are committed to being sustainable.

We do our business with the utmost respect for nature and the communities that make accessing this powerful resource possible for us. For over 30 years, NENA’s mother company, Ironwood Clay has been harvesting glacial oceanic clay with minimal ecological footprint; following strict governmental, environmental, and First Nations community guidelines. We use recyclable packaging and are continuously exploring, more sustainable ways of operating.