Pure as A Glacier

Powerful As The Sea.

A Treasure Hidden Deep In The Canadian Wilderness

Deep in the untouched heart of British Columbia, Canada, nestled along the Northern Pacific Coast, lie glaciers over 2 million years old. Pristine and untouched, reachable only by boat or seaplane, these glaciers are removed from the pollution and toxins of the modern world. This is the only place in the world where Glacial Oceanic Clay forms.

Where glacial runoff meets the sea, 60+ rare-earth minerals mix with marine-rich ions, creating a silky-smooth clay with a grain so fine it feels like cool velvet on the skin. Hydrating, moisturizing, and gently exfoliating all at once, this Canadian treasure leaves your skin looking and feeling younger, softer, and more alive.

The Best Cosmetic Clay On The Market

Over 30 years of experience and research have proven Glacial Oceanic Clay’s ability to gently nourish and restore skin, with best-in-class results.

Sustainably Harvested

Established in 1988, our parent company, Ironwood Clay, is the only one authorized by the B.C. government to harvest this clay intertidally. Doing so only a few times a year, following strict governmental, environmental, and First Nations community guidelines to ensure this precious Canadian resource is managed as sustainably and respectfully as possible.

Glacial Skincare