Summer Spa Tips for Keeping Cool

It's summertime and although we've enjoyed relaxing in the sun, our skin is feeling the effects of the heat. A spa day or two are in order! With temperatures rising globally, a 20-minute steam or sauna may not sound appealing, so we've put together a list of tips that keep your body cool while enjoying the benefits of these heavenly practices. Either at home or at your favorite spa, you can give some much-needed detox to your skin! 1. Stay cool with sweat: in the steam room place a hand towel in ice cold water and wrap it around your neck while doing your normal steam (add a bit of lemon or rosemary as aromatherapy for extra zen). In this way your skin is able to cleanse and sweat out toxins while keeping your body temperature cool. Remember to always drink water before and after to keep hydrated and regulate your body temperature! 2. Put it on ice: try a cold experience spa room, like a sauna with an ice fountain (a chute which delivers ice into a bowl) or even a fully sealed room with solid ice on the walls, ceiling and floors. Cryotherapy, an even colder cold room (if you can imagine!), is a practice which involves you submerging in freezing or near freezing temperatures. Proponents say that this cold therapy can not only improve physical but also mental health. (Or if you are here in Canada, you could just jump in a glacial-fed lake! 3. NENA Glacial Clay Mask: its cooling powers are inherent to the clay's glacial source. (Doesn’t just the mention of glaciers make your body temperature go down?) Follow it with a swipe of NENA Toner and Moisturizer for a fully clay-based source of refreshment for your skin! 4. Move the milk: keep your skincare products in the fridge for an extra cooling sensation when you apply morning and evening! 5. Beat the heat: avoid body treatments that include heat. Instead of heat-based relaxation or Swedish Massage which like Deep Tissue can lead to pressure within the muscles that can generate heat within the body, try Thai Massage which gently stretches your muscles. 6. Keep it clean: Sweating and sun exposure can make summer skin can feel dehydrated, clogged and lacklustre. Keep your skin fresh with daily use of the NENA Cleanser. Up the exfoliation factor by using a facecloth to apply and wash the cleanser off. 7. Plant focus: Keep up that use of Aloe Vera! Aloe Vera induces a cooling sensation that even soothes sunburnt skin. Applying Aloe Vera to the feet can safely lower the skin’s temperature. 8. Water water everywhere: Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate – water and low sugar vegetable and fruit juices are your friends. We love bringing the spa home by making “spa water”: simply add a few slices of lemon, cucumber or berries to filtered water, chill and enjoy!