Celebrating Women: Our Top 5 Canadian Influencers to Watch

Canada is good for a lot of things, especially for some great content influencers. What we love about the ones we’ve collaborated with is their authenticity, realness and genuine ability to connect with their audience. These influencers are super in-touch with their niche, giving them the ability to really dive into their speciality.

To celebrate International Women's Day and Women's History Month we’ve rounded up some of our favourite Canadian influencers, all of whom you should definitely be following!

Cosmetic Proof (Jayne)

Based out of beautiful Vancouver, B.C., Jayne (a.k.a. Cosmetic Proof), combines beauty talk with a touch of science to bring her audience educated content. You’ll find every category of beauty on her blog and social media, including skin, hair, and her favourite, nails. 

What sets this brand apart from others in the natural beauty space is their use of sustainably harvested glacial oceanic clay from Northern British Columbia. Glacial oceanic clay is constantly being refreshed by the ocean and is only available for harvest ONCE a year under strict Canadian environmental regulations and NENA does this harvesting with ZERO ecological footprint!”
Jayne, Cosmetic Proof

The Mindful Strawberry (Sera)

Also from Vancouver, B.C., Sera focuses on plant-based meals and holistic health. Her overall love of cooking shows and her content makes us drool on the daily. With a focus on all things natural, you’ll find a dose or two of skincare items on her blog. 

“Who else has been dealing with MASKNE?? This incredible mask and toner by Vancouver-brand Nena [has] been the only thing that has helped me so far! They use Canadian glacial oceanic clay to draw everything out and detox your skin. The company is cruelty-free & vegan too!”
Sera, The Mindful Strawberry


Elyse Morency

A mom of one with a second on the way, Elyse Morency is all about quick beauty that she can fit into her busy schedule. She notes that mom life is so rewarding, but that things won’t work if you’re not taking care of yourself along the way, which is why you’ll find her content focuses on motivating positive self-talk for women and moms. 

“I've been using the Nena clay mask and toner every night over the last week and I love them. My skin has cleared up significantly from the maskne that started showing up and I love that it's a Canadian brand.”
Elyse Morency

Christa Maria

With an effort to focus on veganism, ethical fashion, and sustainability, Christa Maria inspires her audience to live a more intentional life. Her clean and colourful feed is interspersed with recipes, lifestyle tips, and ethical brand reviews, but we also love her for her beautiful smile and simple way of living. 

“How cool is it that the Canadian company Nena makes their products with pure Canadian glacial oceanic clay! — When I found that out I thought that was so freakin interesting!”
Christa Maria

M.For.Mai (Mai)

A mom to three kiddos, it’s amazing what Mai accomplishes on the daily. Her blog is dedicated to all things mom, with DIYs, activities for kids, and recipes you can whip up in a snap. As a teacher, her life is really never not revolving around children, and she does an amazing job of sharing content that’s so real and that so many moms find relatable.

“Spending some special time with my baby girl in our cozies, watching the new Mulan movie and face masking with Nena - made with 99% natural glacial oceanic clay to increase collagen production, reduce excess oil and tighten pores.”

We are so happy to have (virtually) crossed paths with these inspiring Canadian women through our common appreciation of glacial clay skincare, and are so happy to see that they’ve regularly incorporated NENA Skincare into their lifestyle. 

Happy International Women’s Day! Celebrate yourself and the women in your life by sharing the gift of simple, clean, and sustainable skincare.  

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