Clinical Aesthetician Shares Her Skincare Advice with Us

This month, in homage to our Canadian roots, we are keeping with the theme of thankfulness. In Canada, we are thankful for clean air, plentiful natural bounty and the pristine landscapes that are the source and backdrop of all the goodness in NENA Glacial Skincare. Besides the awe-inspiring Canadian outdoors, we are also thankful for expert skincare advice and pro tips, when one of our favourite estheticians also happens to be a clay mask enthusiast! We reached out to Alisha Doyle, Clinical Aesthetician at FP Skin, to give us some expert skincare advice. She shed light on trends, how and when we should change our products, and the biggest mistake her clients make.
clinical aesthetician
  1. What is trending in skincare right now?
Facial masks are still all the rage, but masks have always been an important part of a great skincare routine. I think Instagram hashtags #SelfcareSunday and #MaskMonday reminds us that mask should be a weekly routine—not once a month application.
  1. What skincare advice do you give this time of year?
You should change your skin products for fall/winter. Depending on your skin type and local climate products will vary.  Typically, in dryer, cooler climates you should use a hydrating serum and a nourishing moisturizer. I tell my clients to sleep with a humidifier on to keep moisture in the air, especially if you’re using a heater. Also, fall is a perfect time to start addressing summer sun-damage. A skin professional will recommend the best option for you.
  1. What is the biggest mistake you see clients tend to do to their skin?
Picking blemishes and constantly changing products! Picking, popping or scratching pimples or acne can cause real damage to the skin—often breaking and sometimes   scarring it. The skin needs time to heal (from a pimple, for instance) and also to adapt to new products and ingredients. When introducing new products into a skincare routine or switching them up completely, it’s normal for the skin to take three to four weeks    before we see results.
  1. What is the secret to maintaining beautiful skin?
A healthy diet, balanced lifestyle, and consistency with your skincare! We hope you find these expert skincare tips as helpful as we do! Make sure to share this post with your nearest and dearest for maximum good karma.