Glowing Skin & Travel: A Blissful Match for Wedding Season

It’s wedding season—cue gorgeous installations of flowers on altars and chuppahs, lots of makeup, fun drinks (maybe a couple too many?!), lots of dancing (a.k.a sweating), and travelling to destinations where the humidity might rival that of your hot yoga class. And while these are our favorite few months, the perils of happily-ever-after can wreak havoc on your skin.

Destination weddings can present major difficulties for your skin. First, you have to deal with the in-flight air and then there is the change of climate. Pre-flight moisturizing is a must to combat the inflight air-conditioning in addition to increasing atmospheric pressure from altitude that can be a recipe for dryness and flaking. In addition to moisturizer, applying cold compresses on your eyes can reduce the puffiness and swelling that can be a result of decreased oxygen and a thin layer of lip balm can lock in the moisture on your lips.

It is easy to forget the easiest tip of all – H20! The name of the game is hydration and how better to quench your body’s thirst than water.  Upon arrival, it is recommended that you apply the NENA toner followed by a NENA Glacial Clay Mask to rid your face of dead skin cells. (In our experience, the mask leaves you feeling refreshed even if you might be feeling tired!) Then, after you mask, apply another layer of moisturizer. Even if your plans don’t include a destination wedding in Portugal, Mexico, or a Caribbean island, your skin will need that extra bit of TLC for wedding celebrations (near or far). It all begins with moisturizer! Applying a pre-makeup moisturizer will create an extra layer of defense and dramatically improve how your make-up looks. At the end of the day the cleansing cream is most important. The 6-8 hour wedding party will inevitably result in an extra layer of makeup which means that those poor pores of yours will be clogged—not even organic makeup can save you here! Even if you are exhausted after partying for hours, do not forget to wash off the day’s festivities.

We’ve all heard stories of brides that apply the 4 step program frantically the night before their big day. Now, while we wish we were miracle workers, NENA products work best with regular use (daily or weekly depending on the product and your skin type). Rather than running to your facialist demanding potentially painful extractions, build that easy routine where the suite of products (cleanser, toner, clay & moisturizer) are on a rinse and repeat schedule! The NENA 4 step skincare kit can be your support system through these perilous times!   Happy celebrating! NENA