Glacial Clay for Acne

Whether mild or severe, acne is something that can pop up(no pun intended) well beyond your adolescent years. Skin Acne is a complicated health issue that often has multiple causes, making it all the more difficult to control. It can be tempting to turn to harsh products when you’re breaking out, but what your skin needs is gentle cleansing and hydration to heal. Regular clay masks are a great way to help address acne and skin irritation. Read on to see how NENA Glacial Clay is your best ally to keep your skin smooth and acne-free.

Glacial Clay Mask for Acne
Glacial Clay Mask for Acne

Can Glacial Clay Help Heal Acne?

Clay has natural detoxifying properties that draw impurities out as the mask dries. When you apply NENA Glacial Clay Mask you can see how the pores clarifying as the mask dries on the skin. Washing the mask off requires no rubbing; excess sebum and impurities (future break outs) are removed, and dead skin cells are gently exfoliated away. Acne flare-ups are caused by impurities and an overproduction of oil, so using a clay mask regularly lets you break the cycle of blemishes and detox naturally.

How to Treat Acne with Glacial Clay Mask

Individual break outs and deeply rooted pimples known as cystic acne can also be treated directly with NENA Glacial Clay. If you feel a pimple forming, resist the urge to squeeze and instead apply a dot of NENA Clay Mask to the area daily and allow the glacial minerals to sooth inflammation and gently draw the impurities out of your skin. It is particularly important to treat cystic acne gently, because applying harsh products to skin that is already inflamed can actually make the problem worse.

Glacial Clay for acne
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Why Do We Get Acne?

Acne can also be the result of seasonal weather changes, alterations in your diet, or even new beauty products. Where possible, it is always best to introduce changes to your routine or products slowly and one at a time. Changes in weather can’t always be mitigated, but making a clay mask a regular part of your week (more frequent application is helpful for those with oilier skin or as a spot treatment) can help your skin adapt to a new environment.

Whether acne is a regular or rare occurrence for your skin, a gentle clay mask like NENA Glacial Clay can be instrumental in soothing and healing break outs. Minimizing the number of products you use, as well as treating your skin gently, can keep break outs at bay. Acne appears as the result of many things, but keeping a bottle of NENA Glacial Clay on your shelf means you and your skin won’t need to stress over how to get rid of it!

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