Dirty Little Secret: A Lesson In Lazy Skincare

You did it again. It’s late. You hit ‘OFF’, and the screen darkens. It’s time to go to bed. You already know the blue light has killed your chances for pre-midnight Z’s. You sink into bed; you’ll wash your face in the morning. What is a little mascara on your pillow? You’re not alone. We’ve all been there. Not even the thought of a menacing dentist has the thumb-arresting power to pry us from our screens. Well, how about: Cellular Death. “Necrosis”, the unprogrammed death of cells, refers to the ill fate of certain cells in our outermost skin layer, the epidermis, when they die as a result of a disease or infection. Cells die naturally and cyclically, like leaves off of a tree, as part of their natural lifecycle. But non-cyclical cellular death leads to unsightly issues like redness, irritation, inflammation, discolouration and basically anything that messes with that “Coco Rocha Like a Goddess” glow. And our daily habits are partly to blame. Air quality (hello central heating/air conditioning), pollutants, stress, diet, makeup and—yes, even some skincare—are all contributing factors to the pre-mature, non-‘natural’ (as in, unprogrammed) harm to our most essential facial asset: our gorgeous skin cells! Not only is our skin our body’s first immune defense and largest organ, it’s the canvas for anything we apply topically, like cosmetics. And I would challenge Boticcelli himself to capture Venus’ pale splendour whilst painting on stucco. The gist is that with dirt and junk on and in our skin, we are taking ages off our skin’s radiant cellular life. So while Netflix might be tempting, I bet that pre-mature signs of ageing, redness and sensitivity are not! Instead, why not try a new nighttime habit? Enhance your soul-soothing pre-bedtime entertainment ritual with a dirt-busting champion of glacial strength.

NENA Glacial Skincare Clay Mask, made with 99% pure Canadian Glacial Oceanic Clay. The unique Canadian clay in NENA Skincare is a mineral powerhouse and will help remove impurities and restore moisture through natural, ionic power and osmotic strength. ---Sorry, what? DETOX: Ionic power refers to the clay’s magnetic effect on the skin’s surface. It is negatively charged and works an immediate exchange action on the positively-charged toxins in our skin. It draws impurities out from the skin, binding them to the clay, where they are easily washed away. (For clay nerds, this is called “cation-exchange capacity”, and it is off the charts with Glacial Oceanic Clay.) HYDRATE: The osmotic strength of Glacial Oceanic Clay means moisture is being ‘pulled’ from within your skin’s deeper tissues towards the surface through osmosis. Instead of topical hydration (like with a moisturizer), NENA Clay Mask literally hydrates your skin from within. Clay nerd, or not, that is amazing. Plus, the mask provides gentle exfoliation (all your skin actually needs), with no abrasive scraping. It’s tough on toxins, but gentle on your skin. Like any vigorous Spring Clean, first we de-junk, then we re-fresh. The same is true for harmful habits—like sleeping in your eyeliner—where the first step is recognizing the ‘bad,’ then acting on the ‘better’. It is the season for cleaning and cleansing. This Spring, let’s work to get rid of our ‘dirty’ little secrets by banishing our late-night laziness, and NENA Clay Masking our way to healthy, radiant skin cells!

NENA Clay Mask Our Way to Healthy, Radiant Skin