Are Nena products all-natural?

Yes. Nena’s glacial oceanic clay is 100% natural and pure. Other facial clays contain a mix of ingredients with very little clay. The Nena Skincare line contains only pure and natural oceanic clay.

Are Nena products organic?

Tricky question. Because this clay is rich in minerals (over 60 different types), scientifically this clay is classified as inorganic and therefore the term “organic” does not apply. However, the Ironwood Clay Company is certified by Quality Assurance International (QAI) as an organic handler (NSF/ANSI 305 processor) and producer of personal care products labeled as “contains organic ingredients.”

Are Nena products beneficial to all skin types?

Yes, glacial oceanic clay is an ideal cosmetic ingredient for all types of skin.

Where is glacial oceanic clay found?

The glacial oceanic clay used in Nena’s skincare line is found exclusively on the northern coastline of British Columbia in Canada. The ocean waters and the glacier waters come together to form sediment rich in nutrients.

Other companies claim to also have ‘glacial oceanic clay’ so why is Nena special?

Ironwood Clay Company has been harvesting and using glacial oceanic clay for more than three decades. Many companies have hired Ironwood to produce their skincare masks using our clay, sometimes with a few small changes: perfume, preservatives, essential oils, etc. As a result, their products contain the same glacial oceanic clay, but they are not as pure and natural as the Nena brand.

What makes Nena clay so unique?

Unlike other cosmetic clays, glacial oceanic clay is sourced intertidally from pristine, isolated areas along the northern British Columbia’s coastline. This region remains untainted by humans and industry. It is superior in purity, composition and functionalities.

Are you the only company who has all required approvals to harvest this clay intertidally in British Columbia?

Ironwood Clay Company is the only company that holds both Mineral Titles (tenures) and Quarrying Permits. These permits are endorsed by 9 different government agencies Federal and Provincial. This makes Ironwood Clay Company the only company fully licensed and permitted to harvest this clay intertidally in British Columbia.

How does glacial clay compare to other clay in the market?

Glacial Oceanic Clay Volcanic Clay Dead Sea Mud Kaolin Clay
Origin -Unique to this isolated region of Northern British Columbia.

– Never been contaminated by man and industries.

– Found in various locations and regions around the world.

– Structure and composition can vary.

– Found in Dead Sea, in several countries: Israel, Palestine, and Jordan. – One of the most common clays, mined in many countries including India, Australia, Korea, China, and the United States
Properties – Superior in its purity, composition, and functionalities.

– Enriched with over 70 elements and rare earth minerals.

– Complex in nature, with unique physical and cosmetic properties.

– May have inconsistent composition and large particle sizes.





– High sodium content can be irritating to skin, requires further processing to remove excessive sodium.

– Can be affected by population and industries.

– Mostly used in cosmetics as a rheological modifier.

– Does not have too many skin care functions.

– Likely high microbial load, requires irradiation.

Isn’t harvesting so much of this clay bad for the environment and the community?

On the contrary, it has been scientifically proven that carefully harvesting this clay does not harm its environment. In fact, nature ensures the clay is continuously replenished. And because a limited amount of clay can only be harvested at certain times of the year, this ensures Ironwood Clay Company leaves zero environmental footprint.

This precious material is collected with strict adherence to Canadian environmental regulations and with every precaution taken to ensure that the pristine nature of this rare site is preserved forever. Ironwood Clay Company is also a proud and long-time supporter of the First Nations Tribes in British Columbia. Our partnership and friendship goes back more than 30 years and we continue to work together to ensure this incredible product can reach millions.

You say your products have been around for over 30 years, by why haven’t I heard of you before?

Ironwood Clay Company started off almost 35 years ago by harvesting clay in Northern British Columbia for third-party manufacturers. Big name companies from around the world have used and continue to use this proprietary oceanic glacial clay. This is why neither Ironwood Clay Company nor Nena have become household names.

We are changing that. By reintroducing the Nena skincare line as an independent brand, we are able to ensure every ingredient that goes into our products only serve a purpose and help to enhance the clay’s natural properties. We know you’ll agree.

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